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kevin van egeren

Cinematographer, editor & director


Cinematographer, editor & director.

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Kevin Van Egeren

Chicago Based Freelancer  /

Born and raised in Arlington Heights and based in Chicago, Kevin is a cinematographer with over 10 years of experience in the commercial world. He has made his living spearheading the camera department on productions for National Geographic, Gatorade, Animal Planet, and Sothebey's International Realty.

Kevin is a nuanced story teller that can live in the moment while remaining cognizant of tight dead lines and budgets. His drive and focus create proven confidence in all of his work and his communication skills are what make him an elite collaborator.

While working alongside this cities best creative minds, he has pooled together one of the best networks and can deliver the talent to conquer any challenge your production will be up against.


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editing & post

modern techniques & quick turnaround /

My background in post spans as far back as Final Cut 7. All clients have access to the entire Adobe suite and his custom built edit bay.

Everything from sound design to color to 3D motion graphics can be utilized to create the look and feel you desire.

Come and see why Adobe is the industry leader when it comes to video editing and graphic design. Along with 64GB of RAM, no resolution is too grand, no turnaround too quick.


director of photography & lighting /

It's been 10 years since I started out in the camera department for HBO GO's first ever online streaming show; "Single Long".  I've since taken these years on set to observe and learn the industry trends and invest in the best equipment based on performance and quality.

I'm well versed in documentaries, narratives, music videos, and commercial work across various platforms.

My professional attitude towards lighting and story will help maintain the appropriate priorities throughout the day to deliver an engaging product with emotion and a clear message.


taking the reins & completing the vision /

One thing I will never sacrifice is my appreciation for authenticity. My goal in storytelling is to serve as a conduit, not a filter, and to amplify the message, not alter the journey nor destination. I want to distill the emotional essence of every story into a consumable and digestible experience, one that is empowering and relatable. 

I have an unabashed appreciation for the human element. It’s my passion to seek out brands and messages interested in protecting open societies to better mankind through powerful imagery and and healthy, fair and balanced debate.

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recent videos

Past projects and experiences /

Indie Brand: A spec commercial filmed at Illinois' Starved Rock designed to celebrate Indy brand's clothing line as its makers intended; enjoying the outdoors.

Smiles: A short film in collaboration with a local non for profit that provides equestrian therapy to those with special needs. This film is dedicated to the hard working volunteers that bring hope and happiness to countless families.

Chefs off the Clock: Filmed as part of a series for PBS, this episodic documentary follows a day in the life of one of Chicago's most prominent female Chefs, Carrie Nahabedian.

Kupers Sotheby's: A series of branded episodes highlighting the distinguished principles of class and luxury that each Kupers Sotheby's International real estate agent embodies.

Megyn Kelly: An expose on two of Chicago's greatest and youngest entrepreneurs. Featured on Megyn Kelly Today, this story follows the work of two young men striving for local change, one flower at a time.

An expose highlighting the football career of Mike Adamle and his families more recent battle with Parkinsons Disease.